How should I use my beef? Some recipe ideas…

If you’ve received your box of Good Life Beef, but aren’t familiar with all the different cuts and how to use them, here are some recipe ideas! It is important to make sure we use and don’t waste our food, especially food that has been produced with love and care. Get creative and try some of my favourite recipes that allow you to use and enjoy the whole beef animal!

  • Mince – one of my favourite recipes is Swedish Meatballs by Not Quite Nigella (an amazing food blogger and recipe creator!). But mince is so versatile: Italian Lasagna or Spaghetti Bolognaise, Asian Mince Chow Mein or Stir Fry with Chilli and Basil (substitute beef for turkey in this great recipe) or just good old Aussie Rissoles, Sausage Rolls or Meat Pies!
  • Sausages – get creative with a delicious Devilled Sausages recipe. I use this one by Healthy Mummy (which is also Gluten Free like our sausages). I combine all ingredients in the slow cooker for 8 hours while I’m out on the farm, which cuts down on preparation time! We also just love a classic sausage on the barby.
  • Strips – pre-stripped for you to chuck straight in your favourite stir-fry. Think Beef in Black Bean Sauce or Warm Beef Salad.
  • Scotch, Eye Fillet, T-Bone and Rump Steaks – simple and delicious, hot off the barby plate and done to your liking! These are the prime cuts from the animal so savour the flavour seasoned with pepper and salt.
  • Topside Steak – hammer flat for delicious Beef Schnitzels (see my original recipe here) or cut in to strips for my favourite Asian Stir Fry Beef in Black Bean Sauce (another Not Quite Nigella Recipe)! We also love to use it in this healthy recipe for Warm Beef Salad.
  • Round Steak – a leaner steak from the hindquarters. Cook nice and slow with plenty of liquid to tenderize. Great for an all day slow cook, Beef Stroganoff, Beef Massaman curry (my favourite recipe is here), chunky beef pies or anything else you can imagine!
  • Oyster Blade steaks – small but delicious pockets of flavour, named for the delicious sinew that shears down the middle. Wonderful seared on the barby.
  • Y-blade/Bladebone – Great for stir fries, beef salads or beef kebabs (see Topside recipe ideas)! Very flavoursome and high in collagen for all its health benefits.
  • Brisket – cook slowly over low heat, one of my favourite recipes is Beef Rendang, but you could also try it pulled over mash or pasta – just substitute for the Beef Cheeks in this recipe of mine. The world is your oyster with this delicious cut!
  • Beef Ribs – a great showy meal, filled with flavour. Cook slow and low, with either a dry or liquid marinade – I love a smoky BBQ flavour.
  • Diced/Chuck – my favourite slow cook meat, full of flavour. It comes pre-diced in your Good Life Beef box. You definitely have to try this Beef Massaman recipe! Also great for Beef Strog.
  • Blade Roast – the one and only beef pot roast recipe handed down from my Grandma is the only way I ever cook Blade Roasts. Read it here!
  • Corned Silverside Roast – less fat and collagen than a blade roast, so take care to cook slowly with plenty of liquid to keep this roast soft and juicy! Your Good Life Beef silverside roast comes in its own bag, with instructions on how to prepare it without having to open the bag at all! I always tend to follow this old family recipe, which adds great flavour to the meat over the course of the day as it simmers away in the slow-cooker. You can find my recipe here or simply follow the instructions on the bag – it’s completely up to you!
  • Osso Bucco – a deliciously marbled and collagen-rich cut from the meat around the leg bone of the animal. Use for slow cooking, or eat the cut pulled in pasta, taco sliders or on a bed of mash with greens (substitute in to my Pulled Beef Cheek recipe here!).
  • Beef Cheeks – one of our wonderful customers gave me this delicious recipe for Pulled Beef Cheeks, which I have written down to share with you here! Substitute beef cheeks with Osso Bucco, Brisket or Chuck for a meal that’s just as delicious!

Remember, we are always keen to hear your feedback or recipe ideas! If you have tried our Good Life Beef and have a great recipe suggestion, drop us a line!