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    Blessed Bee Yellow Box Honey (500g)


    Blessed Bee Yellow Box Honey is 100% raw and untreated. Yellow Box Honey is one of the most delicious honeys worldwide and Yellow Box trees only grow in specific conditions along Australia’s Great Dividing Range. This honey is harvested from Invergowrie in Anaiwan country, just outside Armidale, NSW – a rare treat!

    Each 500g glass jar comes security sealed and packed by hand by apiarist, bee-guru and honey-harvester Carolyn, owner of Blessed Bee. Blessed Bee Honey is 100% raw and untreated. Carolyn from Blessed Bee extracts the honey from the hives and filters it – that’s it! Because the honey is not heat treated, the nutrients and pollens remain.

    Better still, when you buy honey from Blessed Bee Apiary you are supporting research into the impact of environmental and agricultural practices on managed and wild bees. The bees at Blessed Bee Apiary are rather special because Carolyn is a research scientist, researching honey bees (and sometimes the bees participate!).

    Carolyn started Blessed Bee Apiary with just one hive as a backyard hobby in 2012. A lot has happened since then and currently the apiary boasts over 40 hives. It hasn’t always been easy with some rough times during the drought and devastating bush fires, but today Carolyn is the only female-owned and -led honey business in the Armidale region. Good Life Beef are proud to support her passion for producing delicious, natural honey and for researching ways to improve the health and resilience of bee populations in Australia!